Date: Monday, October 15 2018 11:00 AM

1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA, 94596

Auction Type: Absolute Auction

Description of Property:

Press Equipment, Prepress & Bindery Equipment, Forklifts & More!


2000 RENZ Mdl. DTP 340 Table Top Punch.

2000 RENZ Mdl. ECL 360 Table Top Closer, 3/16"–1" wire size adjustment, 14.5" spine max. length, s/n 3387.

2000 RENZ Automatic Wire-O, Type RS8360, s/n 996.

KUGLER Mdl. 183-340-2 Punch, 220/3 volt.

STERLING Mdl. Coilmaster III Coil Binding Machine, s/n 120007112.

HORIZON Mdl. BQ440 Perfect Binder, s/n 121014.

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MBO Mdl. T49-1-4 49/4 Folder, 4/4, s/n G6-29.

MBO Mdl. B26-C Folder, s/n F6-09, 4/4/4.

MBO Mdl. Z2 Refold -Folder, s/n G2455.

MBO Mdl. ET-A6 Cross Carrier, s/n 3.2704.

FENIMORE Mdl. 258 Rollup 3-Hole Punch, 230/3 volt, s/n 353.

LITTLE DAVID Mdl. 7C Box Taping Machine, 110 volt, 5 amps, 1 phase, 60Hz, s/n 288121027.

(2) 1981 RIMA Mdl. RS10 Stackers, (1) at 110 volt, (1) at 480/3 volt.

1984 GASSERT Mdl. PK25 Stacker, 220/3 volt, 8 amp, s/n 286/84.

1977 INTERLAKE Mdl. A Saddle Stitcher, automatic w/foot pedal punch, single head, s/n 9298. Round Corner Punch, manual, foot pedal controlled.

ILYA-SCHEINER (I.S) Mdl. APSL2436 Mechanical Engineering Jogger, s/n 6-3344.

1967 POLAR MOHR Mdl. 107 ST Guillotine Cutter, 42" wide w/Microcut programmable (aftermarket), s/n 107ST.

1981 HARRIS Mdl. Pacesetter 750 Saddle Stitcher, 5-pockets w/cover feeder, s/n 750-ES117.

MULLER MARTINI Mdl. NB 302 SF Norm Binder, (210) Feeders: (29) online pocket, (9) offline (for parts), (2) pneumatic jogging stations, main/aux. mills, Comstock & Wescott glue pot, Dynatec Injection Glue Side Glue System, Alpine 3670, 1990, 3-knife trimmer, Reliance drive controller.

CHALLENGE Mdl. EH3A Drill, s/n 63564.

SHANKLIN Mdl. T-7XL Shrink Wrapper, tunnel, 230/3 volt, 36 amps, 60Hz.

SHANKLIN Mdl. S24B Shrink Wrapper, heat sealer, s/n S8684.

SYNTRON Mdl. PJ15 Tabletop Jogger, 110 volt, s/n H55PJ399650.

Pallet Wrapper, Mdl. Series 500S.

MAREN Baler, 1,000-lb. paper blue, hand tie.

ENTERPRISE Down Stroke Baler, suitable for cardboard.

Floor Scale, fits pallet.

Various String Tie Machines.


SWORD EXCEL Mdl. NE34 Plate Processor.

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EPSON Mdl. Stylus Pro 9880 Wide Format Printer, no rip, s/n JZ2005446


RICOH Pro 907EX Digital Press, w/large drawer unit and cover feeder, SR5020 booklet finisher, 2,860,000 clicks, s/n V5001100107.

(3) BUTLER Splicer 4042-12, 220/3 volt, s/n 3162R.

BUTLER Infeed 2-Pass 412D-40D, s/n J005006-1 RH , WPE Web Guides Martin 2-pass front guides, 58" frame width, old style electronics (balance style), in operating condition.

1996 ONLINE ENERGY UV Dryers 1034-02/1034-02, 32" for use on 1/2 web or 3/4 web.

Contact Information:

Contact: Ryan Ashman

Company: Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers

Address: 1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: (925) 256-8111