Ashman Company Auction Services

Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc. specializes in industrial/commercial auctions and appraisals. By specializing in industrial auctions, we know the current market, the value of equipment, and how to publicize auction sales to attract buyers. Our annual auction sales include large and small CNC machining and fabrication facilities, manufacturing plants, woodworking, and printing facilities. Approximately one hundred (100) auction sales are conducted each year throughout the United States and Mexico for corporations and individuals.

Our reputation as a trusted, respected, and experienced auction company facilitates the success of our auction sales. Customers are more willing to attend and bid at auctions, participate in on-line bidding, or place absentee/proxy bids with an auction company with a good reputation. Our active auction calendar also helps Ashman Company maintains a loyal following of current and prospective buyers looking for specific equipment.

Our in-house office staff is available to answer questions and/or assist you before, during, and after the auction sale.They will design and create an auction brochure tailored for your sale. This brochure will be sent via mail to prospective buyers on our in-house mailing list and potential buyers within the industry. Our staff will advertise your sale in equipment related trade journals, magazines, and regional newspapers. The brochure will also be available to download at our website, and related industry specific internet sites. Advertising will directly target your industry specific market.

Experienced, knowledgeable, professional auction coordinators organize preparation for upcoming auction sales. Ashman Company provides auction coordinators to individually clean and realign all equipment in a preferable sales manner that will insure and maximize the highest return.

An Auction Proposal for a future anticipated sale will be provided after a review of the assets to be auctioned. Three (3) auction proposals are available: an outright purchase of the assets, a buyers premium auction sale, or a guaranteed auction sale. With a guaranteed auction proposal, a minimum dollar amount is agreed upon by both parties and a portion of the proceeds above the minimum are shared. For more information on an auction proposal contact Ryan Ashman at 925-256-8111 or email us.