Date: Tuesday, June 12 2018 11:00 AM

1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA, 94596

Auction Type: Absolute Auction

Description of Property:

(7) Milltronic CNC Machining Centers ,Hyster Forklift, (2) Band Saws, Air Compressors , Tumbler, Perishable Tooling, Inspection(Partial Listing)


2007 MILLTRONICS TT 24, 10,000 RPM spindle, Centurion 6 control, 2-speed 24/15 HP motor, 24-tool ATC, twin chip conveyor, 16" x 30" travel, S/N 9891.

2000 MILLTRONICS VM 24, 8,000 RPM spindle, Centurion 6 control, 20 HP motor, rigid tapping, 16-tool ATC, chip auger, 24" x 40" travel, S/N 6369.

(3) 1999 MILLTRONICS VM 16, 8,000 RPM spindle, Centurion 6 control, 2-speed 18/12 HP motor, rigid tapping, 20-tool ATC, chip auger, 16" x 30" travel, S/N 5575, 5576, S/N 5577.

1998 MILLTRONICS VM 17, 6,000 RPM spindle, Milltronics control, 15 HP motor, new Setco spindle, 20-tool ATC, 16" x 30" travel, Z-riser block, S/N 4824.

1998 MILLTRONICS VM 16, 6,000 RPM spindle, Milltronics control, 7.5 HP motor, new single board upgrade/card cage, 20-tool ATC, 16" x 24" travel, S/N 5300


OMNITURN GT 75 Series 3, 4,000 RPM, 6' bar feeder, 1/2" center line, 12" x 9" travel, 5 HP motor, C-axis positioning, parts catcher, S/N 2842G35AHB.


SHEN JANG 12A Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw, auto-clamping, 5 HP motor, material roller, S/N 12199.

KBC 360 Vertical Bandsaw, 20" x 22.5" table, 3 HP motor, 12" round capacity, blade welder, grinder, S/N 9536867.


CURTIS E-15 Compressor, 15 HP motor, 120-gallon tank, 200 PSI, S/N N/A.


SUBURBAN TOOL, INC. Master-View MV-14 Q-Series Optical Comparator, Quakes Check 200, S/N 2626-0011A.


HYSTER 5,500-Lb. Capacity, solid tires, 48" forks, 3-stage mast, tilt, side shift, propane, 2,636 hours, S/N D002D138526


Gage Blocks, Pin Gages, Height Gages, Granite Surface Plates, Ring Gages, Space Blocks, Plug Gages, Dial Indicators, Parallels, Inside/Outside Mics, Dial Calipers, Go/No Gages.


KURT 4/6" Angle Lock Vises, CHICK 4" Double Angle Lock Vises, Misc. Hand Tools, Electric Hand Tools, Grinders, Tool Sharpener, Arbor Press, Pipe Bender, Reamers, CAT 40 Tooling, Flex Collets, Drill Bits, Lathe Cutters, Carbide Inserts, Carbide Endmills, Endmills, Dove Tail Cutters, Key Way Cutters, 5C Indexers, Digital Multimeters, Counter Sinks, Boring Bars, Slitting Saws, Heli Coils, Roughing Endmills, Procunier Tapping Heads, Taps and Dies, Hold Downs, Portable Generator, C-Clamps, Hydraulic Tube Bender, H-Frame Press, Material, Shop Racks, Shop Carts, Shop Benches, Pallet Jack, Furniture.

Contact Information:

Contact: Ryan Ashman

Company: Ashman Company Auctioneers & Appraisers

Address: 1415 Oakland Blvd. #200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Phone: (925) 256-8111