Archie Held, an internationally recognized artist, has been creating sculptures since the late 1970s. He holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees from UCLA. Since founding the Archie Held Studio in Richmond, California, in 1985, he has produced over 500 artworks. Working primarily in bronze and stainless steel, often incorporating water, his tranquil and elegant designs have earned numerous private and public commissions. Archie enjoys collaborating on custom site-specific projects with designers and architects.

We are excited to present a unique auction featuring a wide range of metal fabrication equipment and remarkable sculptures. This exclusive event includes:

- Hand break

- Press break

- Acorn table

- Hoists

- Welding tables

- Welders with accessories

In addition to the equipment, we are offering several of Archie Held's sculptures, including a replica of Gaston Lachaise's famous "Striding Woman" and "PASSION." These replicas were commissioned by the owner of the originals for one of his children. Additionally, we have two exquisite water sculptures originally sold for $180,000 each.

This auction provides a rare opportunity to acquire not only high-quality fabrication tools but also extraordinary art pieces. Don't miss out on this exceptional event!